Start Where You Are

New Thought Grand Valley (NTGV) is a vibrant and creative independent church whose teachings are based in the Science of Mind philosophy (Religious Science) and ancient Universal Principles found common in the world’s major religions.

We serve those in the Grand Junction and surrounding areas who prefer to be “open at the top” when it comes to embracing their spirituality, studying religions, or belonging to a community that fosters love, respect, and service. We honor all paths and refer to God by many names.

Our Spiritual community thrives because of the people involved here – seekers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, healers, students, farmers, and professionals. You can travel an evolving path from first-time guest to team leadership at your own pace or interest level. The focus of many people in this community includes personal growth, soul expansion, and evolving one’s life and consciousness into the highest possible version of itself. We love to learn and have many teachers on our Spiritual journey.

We are in the process of finding a place to meet so we can then begin holding weekly Discussion Groups/Services. Check the CALENDAR page for scheduling and other events/activities.

Meanwhile…The Wild Hearts Club for Women of Grand Junction has several activities posted for January and February 2020.

Discussions will include New Thought ideas, Universal Principles, Interfaith contributions, and our own experiences. Check back to this website page for other details as we get closer to our first gathering… the beginning of New Thought Grand Valley spiritual community.

Explore this website to learn who we are and what we believe. Visit us Sunday morning to experience an uplifting message, positive music, calming meditation, and affirmative prayer. We are a multi-generational congregation so every gathering can have its own surprises and fun, too! Once you see what we have to share, you’ll understand why we say…

“Welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you!”

Spiritual Leadership

New Thought Grand Valley is supported by the love of the people who call this their Spiritual home. Everyone volunteers in some capacity.

One of our founding members, Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan (pictured above), heads up the Spiritual Advisory Team. This church is not her first rodeo! Due to her experience as a seasoned pulpit minister, she brings a calm knowing that everything will work out for Good … eventually … even in the midst of seeming chaos.

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Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes
Founder of Religious Science

Our Vision & Mission

VISION – New Thought Grand Valley is a mission-centric, community-focused New Thought ministry. We primarily use the teachings of Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and author of the Science of Mind textbook.

This means that as you come to NTGV – from the first time to weekly attendance (or more) – you are greeted with respect, love, and joy. ALL who attend are considered part of the NTGV community and are encouraged to return and participate as often as you are able. It is the responsibility and privilege of ALL of us to sustain and grow this self-supporting organization into a vibrant Spiritual community that serves and learns together.

MISSION Inspire. Empower. Create. We choose to inspire and empower one another through Spiritual Principles toward creating enriched lives and greater understanding of our connectedness… Oneness. We accomplish this by creating this Spiritual teaching center based on the New Thought (i.e., Science of Mind) and the Divine Wisdom of ancient and contemporary teachers, authors, and interfaith influences. We embrace the ideas found in New Thought. Ancient Wisdom.

Symbols & Meanings

The spiral was chosen as our church logo for specific reasons:

  • It is the oldest symbol known to be used in Spiritual practices.
  • It reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution, eternity and continuity.
  • It is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life and represents how consciousness can accept the turnings and changes of life as it evolves

The “creation symbol” (shown above the VISION & MISSION column) is a teaching tool used in many of our classes. It provides a visual representation of how we create whatever we choose to focus on in our lives. We often use the analogy of planting seeds (ideas) into soil (Universal Law) and nurturing it until it grows into a plant (some form of manifestation). Because we’re dealing with Universal Principles (laws), the process or steps of creation are certain and unfailing. They also work the same for everyone.

New Thought Grand Valley is and will continue to be an evolving, growing, expanding center of Spiritual enrichment and pursuit. We hope you’ll join us in this adventure!

You can make occasional, regular or recurring financial contributions to NTGV through PayPal’s secure site. Thank you for your Conscious Giving and Radical Generosity!