Do What You Can


As of today (May 16, 2020), New Thought Grand Valley’s listing in the GJ Sentinel FAITH directory is no longer included.

What you WILL see on that page is a vast list of local churches in the Grand Valley, all offering Sunday services via online connections, pre-recorded sermons, or possibly some limited in-person gatherings. People in this Valley are truly blessed to have so many options from which to choose in their spiritual journey, especially in these chaotic times.

I [Dr. Carla] recognize a number of these churches as part of the Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN). And because of my involvement with GVIN, during the past couple of years, I have visited several of those listed. I know their leaders. Many have been here for years. They are dedicated religious leaders with enormous hearts to do good in this community. We have more in common than in differences.

With so many options for spiritual “food” available, this week the New Thought Grand Valley (NTGV) board of directors decided to discontinue efforts toward building yet another structured, church organization. However, the desire to have an open and welcoming New Thought spiritual community remains.

Therefore, as we take steps forward to dissolve NTGV’s formal structure as a Colorado non-profit church, its individual supporters will continue to stay connected through faith and friendship. Each will offer independent but cooperative opportunities to gather, learn, have fun, and grow in consciousness. The focus for such activities and learning opportunities will often be based on New Thought / Science of Mind teachings, yet take on the unique energy and expertise of the individual presenters and teachers.

Whether it’s a photography workshop, a walking group, sharing on social media, creating prayer flags together, holding video discussion groups about a special film or New Thought book, seeking Religious Science credentials or degrees via self-paced or online courses, or simply gathering for coffee or a meal (when we can do that once again) … spiritual community is created by sharing heart-to-heart. We can do that anywhere! Join us in sharing the Love.

If you want to support our activities or have questions about what we’re doing, contact us via Facebook or websites:

Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan at or on Facebook @NewThoughtCO

Debby Powell, RSc.P on Facebook, messenger or Instagram

NOTE: Once NTGV is officially dissolved as an organization, this website will end.

From Religious Science founder Ernest Holmes and one of his talks in the 1950’s:
“Our movement will depend not on a talk such as I am giving you now. Our evolution – what it will mean to the world – will not depend on the books we write. It will depend on what we do with it. It will depend on someone knowing enough about it to cause something to happen because of what they know – when they want it to happen, where they want it to happen, in the way it ought to happen, according to their own volition, proving that one is not subject to any whimsical caprice.”