You might also refer to this team as the Board of Directors (Trustees) or the Core Council. These are the current team leaders who make the final decisions, manage the finances, and work together behind the scenes to organize New Thought Grand Valley church. You know… all that paperwork and promotion and communicating and planning that makes the Sunday service look like a polished performance and a fun place to be. Truth is, they love this community so much it really is fun! As others become part of the organization and volunteer, this page will change and expand.

Meet the Team

Debby Powell, R.Sc.P.

  • President
  • Spiritual Advisory Team

Debby Powell is an experienced Religious Science Practitioner and dedicated student of Science of Mind. She regularly presents “Power of 8” workshops and offers prayer support to a worldwide community.

Before coming to Grand Junction and becoming part of New Thought Grand Valley, Debby was involved with the Mile Hi Church in Denver, CO. Since moving West, she has sought a spiritual community where her many gifts are welcomed and appreciated. As one of NTGV’s founding members, she is willing to step in and contribute wherever there is a need.

Debby is an accomplished nature photographer, choir member, and plays “a bit of” guitar.

Rev. Dr. Mike Ryan

  • ex-officio Board Member (temp)
  • Spiritual Advisory Team

Mike Ryan was first introduced to New Thought teachings in the mid-1990s. The Science of Mind philosophy immediately energized his spiritual batteries and ignited a Divine spark that has been shining ever since.

In those early years on the New Thought path, Mike attended nearly every Religious Science class offered, culminating in becoming a licensed Religious Science Practitioner. He is convinced that the focused, two-year Practitioner program is responsible for the profound, positive posture of his life.

The quest for spiritual nourishment didn’t end there. His continued studies resulted in Mike receiving his credential as a Minister of Religious Science and finally ordination, as well as receiving a Doctor of Religious Studies. Mike also holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Regis University. He continues to attend spiritual classes, workshops, and retreats, as well as being involved in teaching and developing curriculum. He advocates for daily prayer and meditation and is a willing servant to this practice.

Mike is also a successful entrepreneur and technical trainer, managing his own business for several years in the database programming arena.

Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan

  • Secretary/Treasurer (temp)
  • Spiritual Advisory Team leader

Becoming a minister in the New Thought movement was not part of her early life plan… but it has become the catalyst for growth, healing, and positive change that Carla’s soul yearned for many years ago. From her first visit to a New Thought church in Denver in 1993, she knew she’d found a religious belief that matched her ideas about God.

She began her studies at Regis University, receiving a degree in Communication / Public Relations…. and continued by becoming a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, an ordained Minister of Religious Science, and an Interfaith Minister. Carla completed her formal education in 2017, earning a Doctor of Religious Studies degree, as well as receiving a Doctor of Divinity.

Dr. Carla has served as a senior minister at an independent New Thought church in Parker Colorado for five years, followed by a move to a small mountain town and starting another church. However, the mountain elevation was not ideal, so it was necessary to move to lower elevations and the warmer climate of Grand Junction.

The Science of Mind (SOM) philosophy encourages its students to explore, question, and challenge its teachings, Dr. Carla translates that as the learning never stops, to remain “open at the top.”

John G. Powell

  • Attorney
  • Board Member (temp)

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