In general, most New Thought ministers (and many Religious Science Practitioners) have created workshops or weeks-long courses as part of their training. Others have a passion for it. New Thought Grand Valley is blessed with such passionate teachers and quality curriculum to take your curiosity to a deeper level of understanding the Science of Mind philosophy and other New Thought topics.

We are proud to be an “affiliated organization” and teaching center as a result of the groundwork laid by ministers Dr. Carla and Dr. Mike Ryan and their long history of association with Emerson Theological Institute. Each spiritually-based course has been created and tested by experienced minister/instructors, as well as reviewed, approved and accredited through Emerson. This process allows the student, who wishes to work toward degree programs and/or practitioner and ministerial credentials, to do so with confidence in the materials and under the tutelage of a trained and experienced minister/instructor. The only missing ingredient is YOU. Speak with one of our NTGV ministers to learn more about the education program and to discover where it might take you.

A course schedule is under development. It will include a variety of class and workshop options for 2020 and beyond. While some course offerings have pre-requisites, many do not. There is always something for everyone. Stay tuned! In the meantime, your best resource is to check out the COURSE DESCRIPTIONS page for a range of topics we currently cover… and the COURSE SCHEDULE page for what is happening now!. More will likely be developed and offered in the future. Be part of the journey!

At some point we may offer an after-the-service video series.. It would be offered on a “love offering” basis, and will be a study/discussion group format on various religious and spirituality topics. Schedule and location to be announced ASAP.