The Community

Our Spiritual community thrives because of the people involved here—seekers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, healers, students, farmers, and professionals. You can travel an evolving path from first-time guest to team leadership to core leadership/board—at your own pace or interest level. The point is this: New Thought Grand Valley is OUR church – all of us! We want NTGV to survive far beyond any one person’s tenure or leadership role because we believe that New Thought is the direction most belief systems are going. We are all members of Team Spirit… and it’s always interesting to see how God shows up.

Below is a brief description of what to expect as you become involved in New Thought Grand Valley… from a first-time guest to a seasoned minister. While EVERYONE is considered a “member” of the community, each stage of commitment opens up more opportunities with the additional responsibilities or tasks you might contribute to the church. We are developing role descriptions for each team, what tasks are expected from volunteers, and how the commitment schedule might look. EVERYTHING is subject to change, but we must start somewhere.

Community Member:  You attend as a guest. You’re here to check us out and learn a little about Science of Mind and these Universal Principles and Laws… and to see if you like the people involved. You’re not sure about all this hugging stuff, but what you see and experience during the Sunday services makes you feel good and smile.

Transition Member:  You enjoy coming to NTGV and attend on a regular basis. You offer consistent financial support. You volunteer occasionally. You’re curious about the education program and attend some of the events. You start asking questions about the various teams. People recognize you and introduce themselves each time you attend. You’re a familiar and welcome face.

Integral Member:  You attend on a regular basis; you don’t like missing a Sunday. You offer consistent financial support through automatic donations. You’ve been part of at least ONE volunteer team for six months or longer or are helping with multiple teams. You attend workshops and classes. You’ve begun making friends here. You are charged up and seeing evidence that this Science of Mind “stuff” really works in your life.

Core Leadership Member/Board:  You have experience in the above levels of Membership and regularly attend Spiritual classes. You have been a Team Leader for a minimum of one year and you’ve been studying the “Path to Leadership” and the “Go Direct” materials provided by the other Core and Spiritual Advisory members. You LOVE this church and want to help lead and care for it in your turn. You not only contribution/donate/tithe according to your financial ability, but you are fiscally responsible with the church’s budget and overall management. You are as willing to speak up and ask questions as you are to offer your ideas for the betterment of the organization. When negotiating plans or motions for a vote, you adhere to the concept of: “Not your way. Not my way. But a better way.” You recognize that at the heart of all decisions is Spirit and going into prayer is a comfortable way to recenter oneself before making a decision.

Spiritual Advisory Member:  You have volunteered in most of NTGV’s service positions, including as a Team Leader. Because of all the courses you’ve taken and your dedication to the Science of Mind philosophy, you now hold credentials as a Licensed Practitioner. You’re even considering (or have started taking courses toward) becoming a New Thought Minister. Along with the rest of this team, you adhere to our professional “Code of Ethics.” You help create the sermon topics and themes for the year. In rotation, you present part of the service or a Sunday sermon. You serve with heart, love, and prayer… and a balanced, unlimited reservoir of energy. You can’t wait to offer Affirmative Prayer to members of the congregation and for the Oneness consciousness of everyone here.