Children are the future of everything, including New Thought spirituality. That’s one reason we include them in our multi-generational services. They get to learn the songs, experience short meditations and prayers, and hear the words of the message. They learn quickly!

Children are always welcome to be part of our Sunday service. They have the option to be with their parents or to sit (quietly) at a large table and do an art activity that ties into the Sunday message and their take-home worksheet. Parents have the option sit with the younger children during the activity to guide them through the learning process … and still be part of the “adult” service.

What We Teach

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The curriculum offered to our attending children has been created especially for small groups. It is presented in a worksheet format as a take-home lesson for the family to enjoy, while the creative activity can be done during the service with mom or dad there to help.

The take-home lessons, which usually coincide with the Sunday message, are designed for the 3 – 10 year old age group and include:

  • questions to ask and contemplate together
  • a short prayer to learn
  • a story or lesson based on a family virtue, Universal Truth, or Science of Mind Principle